Dumb car displays

I’ve had it up to here with my car display.  I have a 3 year old Honda Pilot and there is a large display above my radio that is … well, just plain dumb.  It doesn’t show track information when I’m streaming music via Bluetooth and there are only 3 built-in options for customizing what is displayed.  All of which are completely useless.  It’s so bad that I purposely try to avoid looking at the screen.  Way to go Honda!

A thought … I wish a third-party company (or even the car manufacturer!) would create a dongle from the display that leads into the glove compartment (or armrest, or trunk, or wherever) where I could connect my iOS device to control what’s displayed on my car’s screen. Of course, I’m talking about slightly older cars that don’t have CarPlay in the first place, or have configurations that make it difficult to add a third party head unit.

I’d pay a few hundred bucks for an installer to do this sort of thing.